Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is short and sweet because we're privacy advocates so we don't have much to reveal. AiS is a safe haven from the usual bullshit that plagues the internet.


We use a privately-hosted open source analytics suite called Piwik to collect data about where our visitors found us and what pages they visit. This data is completely anonymous and is only accessible to us.

Third party trackers

We don't allow third party trackers anywhere on the site. This includes trackers embedded in adverts, analytics and social media widgets. All of those things can be used to track you across a broad spectrum of sites if you don't know what you're doing. Fortunately, we do know what we're doing.


We use an open source comments system called Commentics. This means that your comments stay on our servers and you won't be tracked like you are with the popular embedded widgets (e.g. Disqus and Intense Debate). Your email can't be shared with anyone because it never leaves our site.

Mailing list

Your email will never be shared or used for any purpose other than to send you updates about new comics. We encrypt your info -- something that technology giants like Sony can't seem to do.