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Adventures in Stuff (AiS) is the work of a whole team of people: Elliott, Becca, Frank and Kon. I (Elliott) do the vast majority (currently >98%) of the writing and sometimes do some very questionable drawing. I also do all the admin work and website stuff. Becca, Frank and Kon produce a lot of the art.

Not everyone is going to like every strip because there isn't a single unifying theme or style of comedy. Expect everything from dark comedy and toilet humour to the awkward and straight-up absurd. I could've gone with writing multiple comics concurrently but I want a single comic to represent my broad sense of humour. The quality of the strips varies wildly because AiS has no quality control. I rarely ask anyone for feedback (even the artists, whose opinions I care most about). If I have an idea and I like it, I run with it. AiS is a personal project. It's not some design-by-committee exercise in maximising appeal.

Regarding the artwork, our thing is that we don't really have a thing. Every artist has a different way of doing things and is free to change styles as they please. Currently, we're producing a lot of constrained comics (effectively a nice way of saying "copy and paste") where the art doesn't change between frames (except, sometimes, facial expressions). I didn't plan for AiS to turn out this way but the situation arose naturally from our collective inexperience, time constraints, the long average length of an AiS strip and the dialogue-heavy nature of the writing. It's something I'm hoping to evolve out of.

I've had to produce a lot of "art" myself because I'm the only member of the team with the time to work on the comic consistently. I have no notion of perspective so I draw simple characters head-on and reuse them a lot (the awful ones were done by hand and the really awful ones were done with my mouse). The actual artists are infinitely better than me but their contributions are sporadic. I made it clear that I won't pressure them for art so I fill in the gaps myself.


We were updating every Tuesday and Friday for a while but I've given up on that now. A formal update schedule just seems fatuous when hardly anyone is reading your comic on a regular basis. No, we're just going to release on an ad-hoc basis unless we reach a stage where people request scheduled updates. It suits us this way: our artists are busy people and I'm suffering with severe mental health problems that make it hard to maintain consistency.


You can navigate the comics from the homepage using nothing but your keyboard: pressing 'z' jumps to the previous comic, 'x' selects a random one and 'c' jumps to the next one. We also use accesskeys with the same bindings.


I did give this some thought before starting AiS. The thing about showing too much of your strip at any one time is that people's attention tends to be drawn to anything that jumps out at them, which is often the punchline of a joke. I've had a lot of comics ruined for me in this exact way. I even considered taking the extreme step of having one frame per page but I quickly realised that it was just impractical. Having vertical strips is actually a compromise for me. Frank is strongly in favour of using more horizontal panels to keep comics as compact as possible so I've given him my blessing to lay out his comics however he likes.


I guess some people could be offended by some of our work. It's definitely not our goal to upset anyone. We want to share laughs with people who have a sense of humour similar to our own. I write jokes as a way to deal with and make sense of this cruel world. I'll laugh about anything so I don't have to cry. I'm never going to stop writing offensive comics because I believe in unrestricted comedy but if you were genuinely upset by a strip I wrote, I'm sorry.


Our comics are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareALike 4.0 (quite a mouthful, I know). This means that you can do whatever you want with the comics as long as you attribute them to us and don't try to sell them. You can even create derivative works* provided you credit us for the original work and distribute your new work under the same license. You can hotlink to the comic images and the little footer on each of our comics will serve as sufficient attribution.

*maybe you draw some penises on our our characters' heads to show your contempt for our comic


I learnt everything I know about web design back when people used Frontpage and table layouts were still popular. I subsequently forgot most of it in the intervening years. In the interests of self-sufficiency, I got back into design a little bit to make this site. I made the banner in Photoshop and then did all the frontend and backend coding by hand in Notepad. I don't use fancy web frameworks or any of that. This is just a man mashing buttons and hoping for the best.


For all you old-fashioned types who prefer to avoid social networks (don't worry, I get you), we have a mailing list and an RSS feed. If you sign up to our mailing list, you'll only receive a notification email each time we post a new comic. See our privacy policy.


From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, we're inundated with attempts to sell us shit. Often, it's shit we don't even want or need. I get tired of rampant consumerism so I'm going to try my best to never put adverts on this site. AiS is a little corner of the internet where you can escape from the nonsense that happens elsewhere.

The reason we don't have full social media sharing widgets is that those things track your activities across a vast number of sites without your consent and (a lot of the time) without your knowledge. If we added them for the sake of convenience and maybe a bit more exposure, we'd be complicit in their behaviour and I don't want that.

We only use self-hosted open source software to power AiS so that we control the whole thing. Our privacy policy is very straightforward. :)


In the words of The Temptations: I ain't too proud to beg. Any donations will pay for hosting and, if I'm lucky, maybe pay off some of the debt I've managed to accrue while I've been ill.

We have a PayPal account just to take donations. PayPal recently restricted their donation button to registered non-profit organisations so I've worked round it by using the product checkout system. You can just enter your donation amount ("item price") on the checkout page. Thanks to anyone who helps out! :)


If you want to ask us a question or tell us nice/horrible things, please do! You can contact us through the comments system, our social media accounts or email. You can email us at:

email address


We have Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us so our pages on these sites don't look quite so tragic.

We are mirroring on several comic hosting sites to attract initial attention because it's very hard to get the word out that we exist.


First and foremost, thank you for reading our comic. AiS is a labour of love and I'd be doing it for fun even if nobody was reading but it's always nice to be appreciated. Thanks to our wonderful artists for their contributions. Thanks to everyone who has offered kind words about the project. Thanks to Hanoded Fonts for Lemon Yellow Sun (used extensively on our site). Thanks to Darcy Baldwin for Almost Perfect (the font we use in almost every strip). Thanks to everyone whose clipart I've shamelessly stolen and forgotten to credit (on a serious note, I'm going to try to improve on that in the future).

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