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#101 Return To Old Labour 21/09/16

Return To Old Labour
permalink: http://adventuresinstuff.net/comic/101


I'm back to present the first strip of 2016 more than 8 months into 2016. Somehow I don't think we'll be making it to 200 this year. I was teased out of my long hiatus by the Labour Party leadership election; the results of which are to be announced this week. I wanted to write a comic that takes aim at everyone and everything involved: Corbyn, democracy, young voters and their understanding of politics, overzealous Corbyn acolytes and, especially, the Tories. Always the Tories. My apologies to anyone who doesn't follow British politics and therefore doesn't give a shit about the events or this strip.

The whole leadership contest is a sham and a sideshow to what should be the main mission of defeating Theresa May's increasingly fragile Tory government. For the record, I'm a Corbyn supporter who believes that Corbyn has been crucified by a pro-establishment media, his own corrupt party and public ignorance. Years down the line, Corbyn's story will make an intesting case study for understanding how the media controls politics. I won't go into a full essay here because this is just a piss-take comic strip but suffice it to say that Corbyn seems to scare the shit out of anyone who has any real interest in maintaining the establishment status quo. You have to ask yourself why that is. Could it possibly be because Corbyn is a rare breed of politician that can't be bought?

Creating this one took considerable effort: drawing all new characters, brainstorming dozens of jokes and packing every single one of 24 panes with as much as possible (like the Tory's changing T-shirt slogan). I'm not really sure what's going on with the changing T-Shirt -- let's just pretend the guy keeps 30 different shirts in his backpack at all times for when he's outside that abortion clinic and just needs the perfect slogan to tell those baby-hating bitches to fuck the heck off. I'm pretty happy with this as a return comic. It's full of jokes and details and even the title has double-significance when you think of it in terms of AiS. Although the end result is a little bit scatter-brained, making this got me back into my old way of doing things. More to come! And plenty more of my terrible artwork since I've been the only person working on AiS for a very long time. Thanks for reading. :)

Oh, and one more thing: we've changed fonts. After the original run of 100 using Almost Perfect - which was, indeed, almost perfect - I've switched to a clearer, more readable font with fewer unnecessary curves and a more uniform appearance. The new font is called Gel Pel Upright. I hope you like it.

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